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Mission Statement
Jerry's mission as a women's fast pitch softball pitching instructor is to provide beginning and advanced fundamentals of windmill pitching to enable the pitcher to have readily available knowledge and skills to become the best pitcher they can be. This is done verbally and with practical exercises in a one-on-one setting.

"Jerry demonstrated this pitch to me and explained the mechanics of the pitch. I found it to be a very sharp breaking pitch that will be very effective when thrown correctly. I would like to wish all of you the..."
The Late Coach Ernie Parker
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The Triple Pitch
The Triple Pitch instructional video was released in mid-September 2006 that displays the triple pitch's two different grips and release points. The Triple Pitch is effective due to its unique spin. When pitched correctly, the pitch can do several different things. The speed is... <Read More>

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About Jerry
Jerry Johnson was born and raised in Prattville, AL. After 26 years in the U.S. Army he retired in 1993 with the rank of Sergeant Major. He remained in Beckley, West Virginia with his wife Rita after his retirement. Jerry began working with the West Virginia Greenbrier... <Read More>


The Cannonball

The Cannonball The Cannonball is such a simple way of warming up, strengthening, and toning the arm, that it's unbelievable. You'll find this out the first time you use it! When warming up with the Cannonball, you only want to throw it easy about 10 to 15 tosses, and then throw a regular ball easy about 3 to 4 tosses, then gradually pick up the speed another 10 tosses, or until you feel comfortable.

Another way of strengthening is to use it on non-game days, by throwing it against a solid wall such as brick or concrete, and the ball will bounce back to you, so you can practice ground ball drills. On non-game days you can throw the ball until your arm gets tired (do not over do it, or throw the ball hard).

The Cannonball weighs 1 pound and is composed of solid rubber. It's available in four (4) colors: red, blue, yellow, and orange.

"I use the cannonball with all my students to increase their speed and spins. It works great."


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Wrist Snapper

Wrist Snapper The Wrist Snapper is a great tool for strengthening the wrist and developing muscle memory as you practice wrist snaps for the rise, drop, curve, screwball, and change-up.

The Wrist Snapper will not click properly unless the wrist is snapped correctly.

The Wrist Snapper is great for all sports including baseball, bowling, tennis, etc. where the wrist and forearm need to gain strength and where learning to snap your wrist properly produces additional power and movement at the point of release.

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TightSpin Trainer

TightSpin Trainer It's been a long, grueling, time consuming, and expensive road for me to actually bring this product to the market place.

I know deep down in my heart that I would not have done it if I didn't believe 100% that the TightSpin Trainer fastpitch pitching aid will help fastpitch pitchers improve their movement pitches and thereby increase their strikeouts.

A good fastpitch softball game to me is one where both pitchers strike-out 15 or more batters, not because the hitters are week, but because they have great movement pitches that even the greatest hitters can't touch."

George Brandt

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Pitchers Breakpoint

Pitcher's Breakpoint allows coaches and pitchers to SEE when, where, and how much a pitch moves.

This useful softball tool improves the quality and precision of your pitching practice while providing instant visual feedback so you can make the adjustments you need quicker and better than before.

Hit the strings? No problem, Pitcher's Breakpoint will reset itself for you so you don't waste time setting up over and over and over again.

No more guessing about what your breaking pitches are actually doing. See it for yourself with Pitcher's Breakpoint so you can make the adjustments you need to fool more batters, get more strikeout and win more games!

Pitchers Breakpoint Pitchers Breakpoint

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Important Annoucement: The RevFire below is no longer available due to an exciting new and more affordable RevFire that leverages all the capabilities of smartphones and internet connectivity. The new RevFire will be available later this year and we will provide more information at that time, stay tuned to learn more! Please note, replacement RevFire balls for past customers of the old RevFire system will continue to be available, please contact Jerry for more information.

RevFire Easier to use than a radar gun, the RevFire measures pitch spin rate as well as speed. Professional coaches throughout the U.S. report dramatic results for pitchers' developing breaking ball pitches or 'movement' on a fastball when they have the benefit of RevFire's spin rate feedback.

RevFire spin measurement is a powerful new tool for scouts, but the RevFire is perfect for home use - no third person or radar gun pointing is required. The package includes a sports bag carrying case with monitor compartment, a RevFire monitor with lanyard, two 12-in RevFire softballs, 2 AA monitor batteries, and a user's manual. Works only with RevFire baseballs or softballs. RevFire balls are for pitching training and are not for hitting.


  • Sports bag carrying case with monitor compartment
  • RevFire monitor with lanyard
  • Two 12" RevFire softballs
  • 2 AA monitor batteries
  • Users manual

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