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Jerry's mission as a women's fast pitch softball pitching instructor is to provide beginning and advanced fundamentals of windmill pitching to enable the pitcher to have readily available knowledge and skills to become the best pitcher they can be. This is done verbally and with practical exercises in a one-on-one setting.

"Thanks for sending me a copy of your new DVD The Curve and Screw Ball For The Younger Pitcher. You did an excellent job with it! All the drills you showed are really..."
George Brandt
Inventor of the TightSpin
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The Triple Pitch
The Triple Pitch instructional video was released in mid-September 2006 that displays the triple pitch's two different grips and release points. The Triple Pitch is effective due to its unique spin. When pitched correctly, the pitch can do several different things. The speed is... <Read More>

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About Jerry
Jerry Johnson was born and raised in Prattville, AL. After 26 years in the U.S. Army he retired in 1993 with the rank of Sergeant Major. He remained in Beckley, West Virginia with his wife Rita after his retirement. Jerry began working with the West Virginia Greenbrier... <Read More>


The Insider Bat

The Insider Bat

"Muscle memory" is a term used to describe a learned movement, pattern or habit. By performing the same movement pattern repeatedly, more effective nerve/muscle connections are made. These connections that are made repeat more effectively each time used. After developing muscle memory, the new action is automatic and will be performed without conscious thought.

If used properly, the Insider Bat will assist in creating positive muscle memory for a fundamentally correct swing. In addition the Insider Bat will:

  • Emphasize palm up/palm down hand positioning before, during and after contact with the ball
  • Instant feedback for batter and coach
  • Trains hitter not to roll wrists or sweep (cast) before or during contact with ball
  • Promotes proper grip of bat
  • Emphasizes “staying inside the ball” before and during contact
  • Promotes proper hip rotation during swing
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime, indoors or outdoors
  • Forces hands in front of bat head during swing
  • Promotes tucking of back elbow into “slot”
  • Great for Pre-game drills or “on deck” reinforcement tool
  • Excellent when used as one arm drills

Designed for the beginner as well as seasoned pro. A hitter, regardless of age or ability level, does not necessarily need to know the complicated "physics" of a swing. He or she does not need to know why their hands should be palm up / palm down at contact, why they should not cast (sweep) the bat, etc. They simply need to swing the bat correctly.

That is why the Insider Bat was developed.

How It Works

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The Hands Inside Trainer

The Hands Inside Trainer

The goal of the Hands Inside Trainer is to promote proper muscle memory by attacking the inside part of the ball with proper hand path during the swing.

Constructed of durable 85 durometer urethana, the H.I.T. will NOT rot, break, or crack over time.

The "stem" of the H.I.T. is made of solid urethane, and the thinner "j" is flexible enough to not damage expensive bats, but rigid enough to retain it's "memory" after being struck.

Can be used with For right or left handed hitters.

Beginners should start with H.I.T. at 3 o'clock. More advanced hitters move H.I.T. to 4 or 5 o'clock position.

When used correctly, at contact hands in front of bat head, palm up/palm down, hands in front of bathead (bat lag). When used incorrectly, or casting, bat head will hit the "j" before ball is struck.

Proper setup is important when using the H.I.T. Too far from plate and hitter can 'cast' and not hit the "j" portion of H.I.T.

Though the H.I.T. fits most standard rubber tees well, if needed tape can be added to create a tighter fit.

How It Works

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Soft Hit Softballs

The Hands Inside Trainer

The Soft HIT practice softballs are used both indoors and outdoors so training can happen year-round, in any weather, on the field, in the yard, in the garage or basement, or in the gym.

The softballs are 12" in circumference and come in the color yellow. They weigh approximately 2 ounces. The raised red laces are an important feature for baseball and softball players; the laces permit pitchers to throw change-ups and breaking balls effectively and hitters the ability to see ball rotation — providing the opportunity to recognize pitch type.

The Soft HIT practice softballs are perfect for soft toss, tee work, live pitching, machine pitching, and fielding drills. Our practice softballs don’t break, they don't hurt, and they don’t break things they hit!


  • Safe - these balls do not hurt like plastic or hard balls; so no need for L-screens
  • They will not dent cars, break scoreboards, or damage bats
  • Extremely durable – hit them thousands of times
  • Will give instant feedback to hitters
  • Easy for pitchers to throw and batters to recognize breaking balls
  • Fun to use
  • Limited flight
  • Usable in pitching machines

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The E-Rise Ball

The E-Rise Ball

Beginner (Starter) Ball

Lighter Ball 3 oz.

The (Beginner Ball) is half the weight of a regulation softball.

  • The lighter ball will move easier with every pitch.
  • Place fingers in the grooves and spin the wings.
  • EZ-RISEBALL Is designed to help create lift with back spin @ 30 mph.
  • This will teach you how to release the ball to get your Perfect 4-Seam
  • Each pitch you will understand your release point.
  • Now you will develop a low & high rise ball.
  • made to throw to a net or wall.

- Time to graduate to Advance Ball.

Advance Ball

Heavier Ball 8 oz.

The (Advance Ball) is same weight of a regulation softball.

  • Heavier ball was made to throw to a catcher while studying movement.
  • The 2 color mark perpendicular HELPS RECOGNIZE (4 - SEAM) rotation.
  • Work on increasing your spin speed & enjoy the movement.
  • Work on the correct spin & rotation and you will see instant movement.

- Time to Graduate to the Softball.

EZ Rise Solutions

  • EZ-RISE BALL - The stripe across the center of the EZ-RISEBALL SHOWS your (4- SEAM) SPIN this is the best visual indicator of correct spin (4-seams)
  • EZ-RISE BALL - 2 COLORS mark perpendicular HELPS RECOGNIZE (4 - SEAM) spin.
  • EZ-RISE GRIP - Specifically designed so by placing fingers in the grooves and spin the wings WITH FINGERS on the release helps teach you how to spin your 4 - seams at the release point.

EZ-Rise Solution - Speed of the Spin

Revolutions Per Second (RPS)

  • INCREASE SPIN - By placing fingers in the grooves of the EZRISEBALL and spin the wings on the release.
  • FASTER SPIN - The FASTER THE BACKSPIN of the ball, the greater the probability of making it RISE.
  • EZRISEBALL - Has 8-WINGS that will give you a great indication of the speed of the spin.
  • EZ-RISE GRIP - Specifically designed to increase the speed and (rate of spin) by placing fingers in the grooves of the ezriseball and spin the wings on the release.
  • THE 8 WINGS - Will give you a great indication of the speed of the spin.
  • AT THE RELEASE POINT - quickly "snap" the ball and bring your fingers under the bottom of the ball as fast as you can or "TURN the doorknob"... "You will get the fast spin (10 RPS) needed for the EZRISEBALL to Rise"

Select 1 Ball or Package
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The Cannonball

The Cannonball The Cannonball is such a simple way of warming up, strengthening, and toning the arm, that it's unbelievable. You'll find this out the first time you use it! When warming up with the Cannonball, you only want to throw it easy about 10 to 15 tosses, and then throw a regular ball easy about 3 to 4 tosses, then gradually pick up the speed another 10 tosses, or until you feel comfortable.

Another way of strengthening is to use it on non-game days, by throwing it against a solid wall such as brick or concrete, and the ball will bounce back to you, so you can practice ground ball drills. On non-game days you can throw the ball until your arm gets tired (do not over do it, or throw the ball hard).

The Cannonball weighs 1 pound and is composed of solid rubber. It's available in four (4) colors: red, blue, yellow, and orange.

"I use the cannonball with all my students to increase their speed and spins. It works great."


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Wrist Snapper

Wrist Snapper The Wrist Snapper is a great tool for strengthening the wrist and developing muscle memory as you practice wrist snaps for the rise, drop, curve, screwball, and change-up.

The Wrist Snapper will not click properly unless the wrist is snapped correctly.

The Wrist Snapper is great for all sports including baseball, bowling, tennis, etc. where the wrist and forearm need to gain strength and where learning to snap your wrist properly produces additional power and movement at the point of release.

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Pitchers Breakpoint

Pitcher's Breakpoint allows coaches and pitchers to SEE when, where, and how much a pitch moves.

This useful softball tool improves the quality and precision of your pitching practice while providing instant visual feedback so you can make the adjustments you need quicker and better than before.

Hit the strings? No problem, Pitcher's Breakpoint will reset itself for you so you don't waste time setting up over and over and over again.

No more guessing about what your breaking pitches are actually doing. See it for yourself with Pitcher's Breakpoint so you can make the adjustments you need to fool more batters, get more strikeout and win more games!

Pitchers Breakpoint Pitchers Breakpoint

Currently Unavailable
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