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"Jerry demonstrated this pitch to me and explained the mechanics of the pitch. I found it to be a very sharp breaking pitch that will be very effective when thrown correctly. I would like to wish all of you the very best. Work hard and be the best you can be."

The Late Coach Ernie Parker

"My daughter Madison has been a student of Jerry's about a year so far. We have observed so much growth and acceleration in Madison's mechanics as well as knowledge during this period of time. Jerry is very a professional instructor as well as a great friend that displays great compassion for the well-being of his students. Madison has learned so many different pitches through Jerry's guidance, as well as some batting techniques, and has developed a strong sense of confidence in herself and her game performance. We are very excited to continue to watch her develop and enhance her skills in softball. I would highly recommend Jerry's Fastpitch to anyone."

Donald and Alicia Toler
Glen Daniel, WV

"Being able to offer our softball players a clinic is something we tried to do for years but did not have the resources we needed to do so. Luckily I stumbled on to Jerry’s site! We had a wide range in ages of participants (6-16) and Jerry was able to offer sessions that covered all their skill levels. Our pitchers were able to advance their execution, catchers were able to better their technique; even fielders learned skills to improve their game. Learning to slap hit will be something the girls can continue to work on and use through their high school years. Overall it was a great experience for all our players and we hope to have another clinic during the upcoming season."

Penny Lamb
Player Agent for Cowen Little League
Cowen, WV

"Jerry began working with our daughter Holly Brehm when she was about 11 years old. He spent a lot of time teaching her different pitches that are needed to become a successful pitcher. He worked with her speed, mechanics, and accuracy. He has also worked with her on hitting. Because of his help, Holly went from a player who didn't always start to someone who made first team all-state as a freshman. She also made a verbal commitment to a D1 School, Ohio University, as a sophomore. Jerry also helped with her recruitment in making a video of her different pitches and speeds. We love the one on one instruction he has given her over the years and continues to give. Jerry has played a huge role in Holly's success and we don't know where she would be without him."

JR and Juli Brehm

"My daughter Emily has been pitching with Jerry for seven years. He has developed her from being a shy small little girl that likes to pitch to confident strong young lady with a passion for softball. Because of Jerry's insurmountable knowledge and dedication my daughter who is now a senior in high school has many opportunities to go to the next level and has verbally committed to West Virginia Wesleyan College D-2 and play the game she loves, all while getting an education that will begin her adult life. Jerry has taught her that good mechanics, a sharp mind and a healthy life style are necessary to be a great pitcher. But most importantly he has brought pitching into the realm of life. He has taught her the importance of respecting your opponents, analyzing situations, and how to choose a course of action. Although all of this is vital to the mental part of pitching it is just as vital in life. Jerry is a great coach with an unlimited amount of knowledge. He has the ability to break down every aspect of every pitch and teach a way to improve it. As a high school coach of six years I have seen many pitchers and I can honestly say that the pitchers that have Jerry as their coach stand out in a very positive and competitive manner. Not only has Jerry helped numerous pitchers but he has improved the game of softball in southern West Virginia through pitching, hitting, and slapping clinics. My daughter, myself and the softball community all hold Jerry with the highest respect there is. Thank you Jerry for all you have done for Emily and all you do for the game."

Pattie Ward

"We're the Parents of 12 year old Paige Maynard, Wallace and Alyssa. Paige, has been a student with Jerry for 3 1/2 years. Jerry continues to teach and build on the proper mechanics that she needs to be successful. At the current time Paige, has a high speed of 58 mph with a spin of 21 rps all verified by the RevFire. Jerry has worked with Paige on her flip change which continues to improve each week and with a speed of 30 mph and spin of 27 rps. Jerry has been a positive influence for Paige, he helps her to set achievable short and long term goals and encourages and motivates her until the goal is met. Jerry has also helped Paige with her batting techniques which shows he wants his students to succeed all around. We would definitely recommend Jerry for any girl who has the heart and drive to become a successful pitcher. Without Jerry, Paige wouldn't be the pitcher she is today."

Wallace and Alyssa Maynard

"My daughter has been working with Jerry for seven years. He is not only her pitching, hitting and softball coach, but has been a great teacher and friend. He is very firm, professional and personable with his students. Jerry has a great rapport with Ashley and me. He has been able to get her to work hard and excel at the game of softball. While working on pitching and conditioning with Ashley, Jerry noticed she had good speed and approached her about learning to slap hit. For approximately 2 years now, she has been working on her hitting technique to become a slap hitter and a left handed hitter. Jerry took his time, patiently teaching her this skill. With his guidance in her pitching, hitting, and conditioning, she has been able to play softball year-round and, although she is only a junior in high school, she has received offers from D2 colleges and universities. Jerry is a master of the game and helps young ladies reach their full potential and play the game on a collegiate level."

Mike Fridley
Fayetteville, West Virginia

"Jerry has been working with our daughter Trinity, for 2 year now. His method of teaching is exemplary. Jerry breaks down each pitch step by step. He motivates her with positive constructive criticism. She has come so far since starting lessons with him. She looks forward to working with him and getting better. I love that he sets attainable goals for her to reach which builds her confidence. If your daughter is serious about becoming a pitcher I highly recommend you bring her to Jerry's FastPitch."

Jake and Misty Cook

"Our daughter Delaney, has been working with Jerry for about 2 and half years and we couldn't be more pleased. His knowledge and experience has helped our daughters pitching. He focuses on correct techniques to achieve great pitches without injury. He has really got to know Delaney and what pitches she likes to throw along with the techniques that work best for her. In the past 2 and half years she has went from 35 mph to 55 mph with spins as high as 21 verified by the RevFire. Jerry has also introduced her to the art of slap hitting and during the same time period she has learned the basics and still continues to improve each lesson. Jerry has been such an excellent coach and role model we plan on staying with him until Delaney goes into College."

Jason and Tina Buckland

"I would like to give a quick thanks to Jerry, at Jerry's FastPitch. Jerry has now been working with my daughter Olivia for a year and a half. During this time Olivia has made great strides in her pitching. With technique, speed and spin on the ball. Jerry teaches the proper mechanics and discipline from lesson number one. Lastly, Jerry has always had a great attitude towards Olivia and myself with each lesson, a true professional."

Jeffrey Hylton

Lisa pitched competitively in So Cal through her teens and played internationally on USA Team as a 15 year old. She was a 4 year starter in High School and played collegiately for BYU. She has coached competitive softball pitchers for the past 24 years and has held positions with Corona del Sol and Mesquite High Schools as well as owned and operated Softball Diva's (a softball school/facility). She has also been providing private pitching lessons for the past 18 years.

"The Triple Pitch is a very unique pitch. I love it! It is a great addition to my pitcher's other pitches. I love that there are a variety of ways to throw it. My girls are very successful with the slower pitch that breaks outside and down. My girls also think it is easy to learn."

Lisa Van Wie Bashford

"Jerry, one thing that I really liked about your DVDs was how you broke every pitch down step-by-step. Your DVDs are so crystal clear in communication that I felt like I could watch it and go to the mound and teach a player what I watched. With players getting that and more from you as an instructor, I have no doubt that they are learning quickly and without confusion and frustration."

Richard Jackson, father of Caitlyn Jackson
Former assistant Coach for the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC and Currently at the College of Charleston, SC as the Pitching Coach

"Jerry, thanks, this teams' failure to win last year was this difference in this year's championship. They matured so much... I was proud of Ashley; she controlled the tempo of the game, called the team together every time Liberty got a runner on base and talked things over. They played great solid defense. The shortstop from Liberty came up to Ashley after the game and congratulated her, she told Ashley she was the best pitcher she had ever faced, couldn't hit her rise ball... thanks Jerry for helping her develop that pitch."

Marsha Knight
Mother of Ashley Knight | 2011 West Virginia Gatorade Player of the Year | Ritchie County Class AA State Champions 2011 | All Tournament Team AA

All American first team 2009, all Tournament for third straight year.

Melissa Gomez joins the PLNU coaching staff after three years as a star player for the team. Gomez performed a variety of duties, but was primarily brought in to work with the pitching staff.

One of the best players to ever wear a PLNU uniform (2007-09), Gomez performed equally well as a hitter and pitcher. She was a two-time, first-team NAIA All-American and was selected to the national all-tournament team three times. Her name appears in the university record books in multiple places including first in all-time homeruns (22), single season homeruns (14) and single season RBI (60). Gomez also boasts a career .416 batting average and drove in 143 runs. In the circle she won 20 games twice. She tallied 47 victories at PLNU to go with a lifetime 1.57 ERA and 264 strikeouts.

"Just wanted to drop you a line with an update. My daughter pitches for Point Loma Univ. in San Diego, CA. She started practicing the triple pitch a few days ago. It worked well right from the start. It looks like a drop-curve when she nails it, taking 10 to 15 mph off it. One thing is she complains that it smarts her finger tips. She believes her nails may be too short. She says she'll allow them to grow out a little more so it won't smart as much. She has developed a very promising off-speed pitch this Summer as well. The triple pitch will give the hitters something else to see, with a little different speed and movement. That combined with her other pitches should make it a successful year."

Parent of Melissa Gomez
Abel Gomez, Chino CA

"Being able to keep hitters off balance is one of the most important keys to successful pitching. The Triple Pitch (If thrown correctly) is without a doubt one of the best ways to keep hitters off balance."

Danielle Pieroni
University of Tennessee Softball Team (2006-2009) | 2 time Tennessee Gatorade Player of the Year
3 time Tennessee Player of the year | Step Sister of George Brandt, Inventor of Spin Tech

"I watched the DVD before sending it off to Mel. I've seen all the rise ball DVD's on the market, and own and read every book on the subject (as well as hitting). This one and the Nancy Evans version go hand in hand as must viewing for wanna be rise ball hurlers. EXCELLENT!"

Abel Gomez
Chino, CA

"Excellent video for the young pitcher Jerry! It's loaded with useful training exercises. I tell people that ask about breaking ball training DVDs to check it out."

Dave Marinelli
Inventor of RevFire

"At The Softball Clinic our goal is to provide you the best fastpitch softball instruction and information and sometimes that may require us to point you away from our site to other sites that we feel provide solid information. Two softball websites that we would endorse for pitching out of the thousands that are out there are House of Pitching and JerryFastPitch. If you were to Google or yahoo fastpitch softball pitching House of Pitching won't pop up until site 103 and Jerry's Fastpitch at 187, so as you can see from our point of view sometimes the best instruction can get lost in the popularity of web. I never had the opportunity to face Bill Hillhouse as he was just coming into the game of Men's Major Division fastpitch softball as my career was ending, but after reading his stuff and asking around from those that I respect in the game, and that saw him pitch he clearly gets it and is worth looking into. As for Jerry Johnson, I wouldn't know him if he were standing next to me in the grocery check out line, but he too seems to have a solid understanding of the game as I study his site."

The Softball Clinic

"Jerry, thanks for sending me a copy of your new DVD The Curve and Screw Ball For The Younger Pitcher. You did an excellent job with it! All the drills you showed are really good ones to do. Also, thanks so much for working and adding the TightSpin Trainer to your DVD. I enjoyed the bloopers as well. Great work! Thanks."

George Brandt
Inventor of Spin Tech

"Jerry, although I haven't had a chance to view the change-up DVD, I did watch the Windmill Basics. This is the most thorough set of 'pitching absolutes' & beginner's lessons I've ever seen! And all on one DVD. This is most likely the best buy on the market. I wish I had this 15 years ago when Mel started pitching. Also, I'd recommend that anyone watching this to take serious notes before going out on the field with these golden bits of information (there are so many). This is easily a year or more of information to work on and with. If anyone is serious on pursuing fastpitch pitching with their daughter this is the place to start. I can't praise your efforts enough!"

Abe Gomez
Chino, CA

"People debate all the time over which is more relevant to successful pitching: movement or a change in speed. The answer is that they are both equally important. The great thing about The Triple Pitch is that when it's thrown correctly you kill two birds with one stone because the ball will move and change speeds.

The Drop Ball For the Younger Pitcher is one of the best videos ever made for teaching the drop to younger pitchers. Jerry has taken video making to a whole new level for fastpitch pitchers. The video animation which shows the different ball rotations makes it a lot easier for younger pitchers to understand spin and the effect it has on the ball. Jerry has set a whole new standard for video making in the softball world."

George Brandt
Inventor of Spin Tech

"Jerry, I bought your rise ball DVD a while back and I enjoyed talking to you over the phone. My daughter (10U) has been doing the wrist drill you told me about with a weighted ball and using a Finch Windmill for the last 3 weeks and she threw a six inning no hitter with 15 K's this past Saturday against a good hitting team!"

Thomas Molina
Mesa, AZ

"My daughter Alaina, needed to get a jump start and learn the proper short game hitting fundamentals such as hard and soft slap hitting and drag bunting, to include hitting from the left side. I found Jerry's web site and the rest is history. We travel 258 miles each way from Greensburg, Pa. for Jerry's instruction. Jerry is one of the two best coaches I have worked with and Alaina really enjoys her time with him. I wish we lived closer to Beckley, WV so Jerry could work with her every week. His coaching methods and motivating skills are very intense but enjoyable and worthwhile."

Dr. Jim Montgomery/Alaina
Greensburg, PA

"My daughter Lauren and I had a great experience working with Jerry. In a short period of time, Jerry analyzed Lauren's mechanics, corrected some subtle flaws, and helped her reach a new level of confidence. He also taught her several new pitches, grips, and techniques to expand her delivery options. Jerry brings a wide range of knowledge and his own personal pitching experience, along with a great facility and the latest technology to provide a complete teaching experience. Thanks again for your help. I'll keep in touch."

Larry Shue
Oakland, MD

"Lindsay has been throwing the triple pitch for several months now and we are loving it. She can throw both the two and four seam grips. The action on the pitch is really different and it gives her two additional off-speed pitches.

We can't wait to see it in a game situation, her pitching coach mentioned that Lindsay could potentially strike out a batter with three straight off-speed pitches because she is getting so much action on the ball.

My Daughter Lindsay is getting some exciting action throwing the Triple Pitch and we have only just begun to work on it. She picked up on the Triple Pitch quickly and loves throwing it. She said the grip is easy and the movement is fun to watch. Lindsay is currently a starting pitcher on her high school team in Connecticut and plays ASA ball as well. Roy Earley from Berlin, CT is her pitching coach. We have only started to understand the pitch, but are extremely excited about its possibilities. It does drop, it does curve and it does change speed."

Dave Erickson

"Great Video. Short, concise and to the point. I haven't been able to try it competitively (tendonitis kicked in this year and kept me out of coaching), but just for the heck of it, I did try it on my niece who is not a pitcher I didn't tell her what the different grip was for, and within a couple of minutes she was throwing a pitch which was breaking away from a right handed batter. Not bad."

Jesse Jimenez
Alhambra, California

"It changed the way I pitched, when you are ahead in the count it is deadly. I actually taught one of my players the pitch yesterday and after throwing it 3 or 4 times it was working and she was like, Coach why haven't you shown me this before. My fastball was 70-75 this pitch was 55-60, but you cant afford to slow your arm or you will lose the sharpness that you really want. I don't remember a left handed hitter ever being able to do much more than get a piece of it and right handed hitters where either out in front or hitting something on the ground. I am so glad to see someone teaching it and even more it made me step out of the box of teaching the normal pitches because I know it works because I threw it for a long time and like you I found the pitch on accident trying to learn another pitch and it is truly a pitch the can make you a complete pitcher. Thank you for everything you did a great job as usual."

Coach David Richardson
West Monroe, Louisiana

"If hitting is about timing and balance, can you imagine owning a pitch that has a velocity between your fastball and your change up... with a sharp curve AND drop!

I like Coach Johnson's building block approach where after the theory and mechanics were taught, the demonstrator was put into an on-field test beginning with a release drill, on to a drill to demonstrate ball movement, then utilizing a location drill called the rope drill.

This pitch is really teachable, provided it can be coached. More exactly, I think that most pitchers would find it too difficult to teach themselves (the exception might be if the player used video and playback equipment).

Summary: Nicely done DVD by a very qualified, likeable instructor and demonstrated by good, teachable players!"

Coach John Peter

"We were in awe of Jerry's expertise of fast pitch. He related well to the ladies and made learning enjoyable. He gave one on one attention to each of the young ladies that attended the clinic. This type of feedback was invaluable to us. The parents and coaches learned a great deal from his knowledge and expertise. We will definitely return to visit with Jerry for more coaching. We have taken a lot away from this clinic and will put all the information to good use."

Coach Janet Morris
Hampshire County Little League

"I am a pitching instructor in Kansas City, Mo. I have several pitchers throwing the Triple pitch. I have one pitcher in 12 & under throwing exclusively as her change up and it has yet to be hit and has struck out several batters. I only teach what I believe in as you see many new things in softball every year. If I don't believe in the new mechanics or what ever the new theory may be that year, I do not teach it. I teach the Triple pitch and it has been successful for several of my pitching students."

Brian Ballor
Pitching Instructor

A Word From the Parents

"Just wanted to drop you a line with an update. My daughter pitches for Point Loma Univ. in San Diego, CA. She started practicing the triple pitch a few days ago. It worked well right from the start. It looks like a drop-curve when she nails it, taking 10 to 15 mph off it. One thing is she complains that it smarts her finger tips. She believes her nails may be too short. She says she'll allow them to grow out a little more so it won't smart as much. She has developed a very promising off-speed pitch this Summer as well. The triple pitch will give the hitters something else to see, with a little different speed and movement. That combined with her other pitches should make it a successful year."

Abel Gomez
Chino CA

"My daughter Cassidee and I have been going to Jerry for pitching lessons for about ten months. When we first started, Cassidee was nine and had never pitched prior to starting the lessons with Jerry. Within three months Jerry had her throwing four or five different pitches, effectively with the proper mechanics. She is now ten and she can throw several other pitches. I think there is a couple of reasons why Cassidee is doing so well. First, of all Cassidee really likes Jerry, as do all of his pitchers. The other reason is Jerry knows all the mechanics of pitching and the importance of each one. Most pitchers take a couple of years or more to get where Cassidee is now, that's not because my daughter is that good, but Jerry is that good."

Darren & Cassie

"Gerald has been our daughter's pitching coach for a year. She (Shannon) is 11 years old. He has been a great teacher and friend. Shannon is now pitching 5 different pitches. Her speed is around 40 mph. She has shown a great deal of improvement in speed and control over the past year. Gerald has a great rapport with us and with Shannon. He is very professional and personable."

Shannon's Parents

"After two years of working with Jerry, he has taken our 13 year old beginning pitcher to a greater level than we ever expected. She has developed a greater love for pitching, and now has the ability to throw a very effective fastball, curve, screw, riseball, change-up, knuckleball, off speed peel drop, drop, as well as the triple pitch. He has a very strong work ethic and will encourage and teach your new pitcher to become the BEST pitcher that she can possible be.

Jerry teaches from experience. He not only tells the girls how to pitch, he uses those very skills himself and shows them the correct way with total patience."

Melissa & Michael Whitt

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